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Available Now

Stainless Steel Griddles


   We have found a Stainless Griddle produce by Griddle-Q, that with a few modifications will work on our pot burner sections on all of our pig cookers. Great for Pancakes, Eggs, French Toast, Bacon, Sausage, Sautéed Onions & peppers, Etc.....



(FYI: It was some very good bacon and sausage.)


We have added a couple of stainless steel brackets to each end of the griddle. This allows the griddle to set level and on the centers of our pot burners.  We also added a heat diffuser plate to spread the heat from our high pressure pot burners.  This gives a good even cooking surface. 



Large 14.75" x 26"      All Pig Cookers    Cost: $ 280.00

(Price includes Griddle, Stainless Brackets and Heat Diffuser Plate.)



Deep Fry Pans With Baskets


For frying Fish, Chicken, Hush Puppies, French Fries and many other great fried foods we have designed a neat little fry pan using commercial fry baskets.





We offer a 2 basket 14g 304 grade stainless steel pan.  Each pan has a high back splash for hanging the baskets to drain grease out of  what you are cooking. There is a 1/4" rod rack, that goes under the baskets in the pan, to allow a little debris catch area.   The pans will work on all of our pot burner sections on our pig cookers.


Price includes 14g 304 Stainless Pan, 2-Commercial Fry Baskets, 1/4" Stainless Rod Rack

2 -Basket Pan - 14" x 14" (Uses 2.5gal Cooking Oil)  Cost: $ 239.00

The 2- Basket Pan will also work on our Patio Models.


  Proudly Made In The USA