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Phone # 1-252-236-4464  Fax # 1-252-236-7946



BQ Grills

6043 Hwy 301N

Elm City, NC 27822


Custom Units Page

This page shows some the custom jobs we have built

 and should give a good idea of what we can do for you!!!!

Scroll down the names in the left column to view our

Custom Grill Archives.

Above: Custom Built Unit for Stacey Barnes

Currituck, NC     August 2011


Above: Custom Built Unit for Kevin Crouse.

  Woodmen Of The World, WV      March 2011


Above: Custom Built Unit for Lance Wheeler.

Garner,  NC


Above: Custom Built Stainless Steel Unit for Lorillard Tobacco Co.

Greensboro, NC


Above: Custom Built Stainless for Fred Anderson Motor Group

Raleigh, NC


Above: Custom Built Unit for Don Taylor. Road Hogs Cooking Team.

( Don enjoys the Eastern NC BBQ Cook-Offs, keep an eye out for him. )

Wilson, NC


Above: Custom Built Unit for Charles Chestnut. Three Little Pigs Catering

Charles decided to upgrade this year. This is his 4th Purchase from us.

( Look For Charles at some our Eastern NC Cook offs. )

Roanoke Rapids, NC


Above: Custom Built Unit for Tazz's BBQ & Pig Roast

Taunton, MA

Above: This is the 4th Custom Rig built for Buddy Moore.

Buddy's Bar-B-Q      Floral Park,  NY


Above:  Built for Charles Chestnut.  Three Little Pigs Catering.

Roanoke Rapids, NC


Above:  Built For Melvin Coley

Wilson, NC

Above: Built For Kermit Hall
Pensacola, Florida


 Built for GE Supply

Greensboro, NC

  Built for Chad Jones. 
Winston-Salem, NC


Above:  Built for Woodmen Of The World. 

 Kevin Crouse, Ohio



If You don't see it here, that doesn't mean we can't build it.

 Call Me !!!!!!!!!!!!


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