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BQ Grills

6043 Hwy 301N

Elm City, NC 27822

Apex, NC     Peak City Pig Fest

June 22th 2013

       The  Peak City Pig Fest is a KCBS Sanctioned event. As most of you know there are 4 catagories Pork, Brisket, Chicken & Ribs. Everyone is judged in each catagory with Trophy's & Prize Money past out to the top 5 positions and acknowledgements up 10th place. Then all catagory scores are added to get the total overall scores. This determines the Grand Champion. A Few of our customers competed and place very well and we would like to congratulate them. There was 36 BBQ Teams at this event.

Smokin' Skulles / Brian Corbett

3rd. Overall Finish

1st Pork Ribs

4th Chicken

6th Pork

Fired-Up Smokers / Donna, Fred & Greg

2nd Pork

Pictured Below Smokin' Skullies  / Brian Corbett

Brian also bottles his Winning BBQ Sauce

Brian Corbett New Smoker

Pictured Below Fred & Greg / Fired-Up Smokers

Fred & Greg Fired Up Smoker