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Large Pig Cookers


     Our Large cooker comes with dual gas burners inside, that gives you a cooking temperature range of 275 degrees to 550 degrees.  For lower temperatures you can use one burner.  Due to how tight our cookers are built you can cook at higher temperatures without drying out your foods.  The Large cooker is also equipped with safety shut-off devises on the inside burners, with easy to read lighting instructions.  The most common optional features added to the large cooker are the dual rear pot burners and the turning grates.  The turning grates are designed to hold between a 65lb. to 180lb. pig. Using a outside handle you can flip a pig with just one hand. This option is only available on the Large Model.


Above: Basic Large 60"x 42" Pig Cooker


Cooker Specifications

Large Pig Cooker


Large Pig Cooker   Large / Large with / Large with / Large with
w/ Different Options       Rear Burners   Turning Grate   RB & TG
Cooking Surface:   58" x 41"   58" x 41"   56" x 37"   56" x 37"
***Extra Top Grate:   56" x 15"   56" x 15"   54" x 15"   54" x 15"
Cook Surface Height: 32.5"   32.5"   35.5"   35.5"
Food Capacities                
       Whole Pig:    200lb.   200lb.    180lb.    180lb.
       Chicken Halves:   60 (80)***   60 (80)***   50 (68)***   50 (68)***
       Boston Butts:   24 - 30   24 - 30   20 - 26   20 - 26
       Ribs Small Racks:    28 (36)***   28 (36)***   26 (35)***   26 (35)***
     Hamburgers:   85 (115)***   85 (115)***   75 (100)***   75 (100)***
Box Size L x W x H:   60"x42"x20"   60"x42"x20"   60"x42"x23"   60"x42"x23"
Overall Length:   10' 9"   12' 11"   10' 9"   12' 11"
Overall Width:   61"   61"   61"   61"
Overall Height:   47.5"   47.5"   50.5"   50.5"
Weight:   750lbs.   850lbs.   825lbs.   925lbs.

(Food Capacities may vary depending on weight and size of items.)



Above & Below : Large 60"x 42" Pig Cooker / Dual Rear Pot Burners  






Above: Picture Compliments Of Moore's BBQ Kenly, NC


Standard Features

For The Large Pig Cooker

All of our cookers are built to Federal Highway Safety Standards

and include all of the following features !!!


Easy Opening Hood Lift Supports

Sealed 2" x 10" Treated Front Shelf


2 - 30 lb. Propane Tanks

3" Dial Temperature Gauge 50-550 Degrees

High Pressure Adjustable  Regulator  With  Gauge

Dual Interior Burners With Safety Shut-off Devices


Swivel Front Jack Wheel

4.80" x 12" Tire & Wheel Combo

Tail Light Kit with Marking Lights

2" Ball Coupler With Safety Chains

Chassis System With Springs For Smooth Riding


BBQ Black 1000 Degree Paint

1 Year Warranty On Parts & Labor

5 Year Welding Warranty

Life Time Warranty On New Stainless Steel Burners

All 2013 Models will include our new Stainless Steel Burners


  Available Options

& Pricing Info

Due to Major Steel Price Increases

Call for Current Pricing


It includes all the standard features listed above and

you can add any of the options listed below.


Dual Rear Pot Burners   Two exterior pot burners mounted on the rear of the cooker. Will handle pots up to 13" in diameter. Burners are cast iron and rated for 160,000 BTUs each. Good for frying fish, doing stews, boiling, etc. ( Must be welded on during construction. )  

Dual Rear Pot Burners Photo Link


Competition Turning Grates  This option is designed mainly for turning pigs, but can be used for chickens, or other larger food items. This includes two removable grates and one permanently mounted center frame.  This system will hold between upto a 200lb. pig.  

Competition Turning Grate Photo Link


NOTE: Turning the food is optional, this grill will cook great without having to turn most food items. It is up to the cooks cooking style. This option is only available on large models.

( Must be welded on during construction.  )


Mounted Spare Tire  This includes mounting the tire in front of the LP tanks on the front tongue of the cooker. ( Bolt On Option )

Mounted Spare Photo Link


Top Cooking Grate  This is a 15" wide grate that sits on top of the standard grate. It can be slide forward or back to get to food under neat it. Adds about 30% to the cooking capacity of the unit. ( Easy add,  just sits on top of main grate. )

Top Cooking Grate Photo Link


Tool Box   7" x 6" x 20" steel tool box mounted under front shelf in front of  fender well. ( Bolt On Option )

Tool Box Photo Link


Exterior Smoke Box   The smoke box is designed to add wood flavor into your cooker while you still have the convenience of gas. The box is approximately 9" x 20"with a sliding pan, that is removable, and air damper to control the draft.  You can use larger chunks of wood or small logs.  To start your wood you can use charcoal in the box or you can start the wood in a outside source and add it into the box. ( Must be welded on during construction. )

Exterior Smoke Box Photo Link


Slide In Chip Tray   The chip tray slides in over the gas burner to smoke your wood chips. This option not available with turning grates due to clearance issues.

( Must be welded on during construction. )

Chip Tray Photo Link


12"Aluminum Star Rims   Upgrade to Aluminum Star Sport Wheels.

12"Aluminum Star Rims Photo Link


12"Aluminum Star Rim Mounted Spare   This includes mounting the tire in front of the LP tanks on the front tongue of the cooker. ( Bolt On Option )


Stainless Steel Dress Kit  This includes a Stainless Steel Shelf, , Stainless Flashing behind the shelf , Stainless Handle and a Stainless Top Vent Cover. We only use high quality polished 304 grade stainless steel material.

(Commonly used in food processing applications.)

Stainless Steel Dress Kit Photo Link


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