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Mount Airy BBQ Cook-Off Sept. 2004

     Due to the often hectic schedule we have around the shop Greg and I  rarely  get a chance to break out.  But several of my good customers / friends were cooking at the Mount Airy BBQ Cook-Off during the Mayberry Days Celebration and they asked us to come and hang-out with them.  How could we ever refuse!!!  8)

Let me list everyone:

Charles & Jeanie Chestnut of Roanoke Rapids, NC                      Three Little Pigs BBQ

Buddy Moore of Floral Park, NY                                                 Buddy's BBQ

Jeff Hemric and  Chris Wagner of Mount Airy, NC                       Mutt & Jeff BBQ

Wayne Futrell & Son-In-Law Bobby Spence of Roanoke Rapids, NC


        We arrived late Friday afternoon.  Everyone was setup for the Showmanship part of the contest.  Shortly after, the officials dropped off the pigs for everyone to prepare to start cooking.  And as usual, some could not make it and they had a couple extra pigs that needed to be cooked, so Jeanie decided to get in the action with the guys. Charles's custom grill had two pig cookers mounted on it one of our large and a small unit on the front side.  Jeanie confidently took control of the small front grill. After a little cleaning and prep time everyone was loading their pigs into the grills for a long night of cooking.  As the night progressed Greg and I were watching all the tricks of the trade that these professionals were using.  Everyone had there on style and secrets they were.....oh well, as they say if I told you I have to shoot you. We finally laid down to sleep around 4:00 that morning after a long night of socializing and joking.


( Above: Jeanie's Pig being judge by the three Officially Licensed NC Pork Judges )

( These guys show no mercy for Jeanie's Pig )


        The judges began their rounds at 8:00 the next morning, taking them about a hour to get around to everyone. They showed no mercy in their judging. A couple of contestants were disqualified for not having their pig cooked done to the bone. Over all the the judges did a great job. I followed them around and watched how thoroughly they checked all the pigs for things such as skin crispness, tenderness, appearance, temperature,  and  taste. 


( Above: Charles is preparing right before the judges make it over to his area. )


        After all the pigs had been judged each contestant had to send in a sample of  BBQ for the Blind taste test. The scores for the blind taste test are added with the earlier judging scores to make the final scores for the pig portion of the cook-off. The Presentation or Showmanship, which is a separate judging event for how nice the contestants set up and decorate  their cooking area in conjunction with the overall theme of the contest, was held the evening before.


( Above: Buddy added a lot of wood smoke which gave his pig a nice dark completion. )

( Buddy waits to the left as the judges go to work on his pig. )


       The judging results would not be announced till 11:00, so everyone chopped up their pigs to be sold to the public by the people running the contest.  After that they began to clean up and load up their gear, which for some was a real job especially  after being up all night cooking.


( Above:  Wayne's pig before and after the judges.)


        At 11.00 we gathered around the stage to see who where the winners. There was a total of  five trophies to be given out. One first Place for Showmanship and First, Second, Third, and Fourth Place for Overall Pig Contest.  Here is the rundown for how our little group placed.


Mutt & Jeff

First Place In Showmanship



 Jeanie  Chestnut

 First Place in Overall Pig Contest

Charles Chestnut

 Third Place In Overall Pig Contest



Wayne Futrell

 4th Place In Overall Pig Contest

( Due to a error in the points total Wayne was awarded 4th at a later date.)


Bobby Spence

6th Place Overall Pig Contest


Buddy Moore

7th Place In Overall Pig Contest


Congratulations Folks !!!

Thanks For Inviting Me And Greg We Had A Great Time!!!