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Business Hours

Mon-Fri 8:00-5:00

Phone # 1-252-236-4464  Fax # 1-252-236-7946


BQ Grills

6043 Hwy 301N

Elm City, NC 27822

   North Carolina  

27th Annual State

Championship Barbeque Contest 2011

Was held this year is Newport on the 24th of Sept.

And we owe another "Big Congratulations" to Fred Woodard.

1st Place Winner and the latest NC State Champion.

Fred Also Placed 4th out of 79 at the Earlier 2011 April Cook-Off in Newport.


Pig Cooker

Above & Below:  Fred & Donna

Pig Cooker


Here are a few more BQ Grills Owners we spotted at the

State Cook-off !!!


Pig Cooker

Above: Charles Turnage & His Grandfather

Charlie Meeks Pictured Below


BQ Grills Pig Cooker

Above : Arthur Williams


BQ Grills Pig Cooker

Above :  Benny Parrish


Above : Ernest & Joe