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Patio Gas Models

36 Patio Gas Grill

Above: Medium 36" x 22" Patio Gas Model

We also make heavy duty patio grills in addition to our portable models.  These grills are built to last, with the quality you deserve.  Our grills are not mass produced but individually built. The size of our grills on average is twice the size of all others. Letís talk about cooking!!  If it can be grilled, BQ Grills will cook it Ė (Turkeys, Small pigs, Pig Quarters, Chicken, Steaks, Ribs, Chops, Seafood, Hamburgers and Hotdogs, etc.). Not only does it cook almost everything, it cooks it the way you like it, tender and juicy. And best of all, you do not have to stand right there while itís cooking.  BQ Grills do all of the cooking for you. We use a large burner shield (one foot wide) to prevent flame-ups.  The burner shield smokes the grease drippings to return the flavor to what you are cooking.  Also, the temperature is adjustable so you can cook at your desired temperature. We build only top quality grills.


Starting 2013 all Gas BQ Grills will come standard with High Quality 304 Stainless Steel Schedule 40 Pipe Burners.  We will also warranty these new SS Burners for the life of the grills.


Above : Medium Model 3622 with side burner

            Like our portable pig cookers we also offer two sizes of our patio models (Large, Medium) which all come with the following standard features.

Standard Features on all Patio Models

Solid Welded Heavy Gauge Construction                   Temperature Gauge

1000 Degree BBQ Black Paint                                     Shock Assisted Hood

High Pressure Adjustable Regulator                                     Grease Bucket

Treated Shelving Sealed with Urethane                           Steel Rim Wheels

Best Feature is there are no nuts and bolts to assemble.

It is ready to go!!!

Life Time Warranty On New Stainless Steel Burners

All 2013 Models will include our new Stainless Steel Burners


*** Medium Patio Model 3622 ***

Above: Medium 36" x 22" with side burner

            The Medium is our best selling model, its not to small and not to large. We recommend this unit to people with good size families and like to occasionally entertain guest.  The Medium comes with or without a single side burner.

Medium Patio Grill Specifications

Temperature Range 250 Degrees to 550 Degrees

Holds up too 45lb. pig or 6 whole chickens


Medium Patio Pricing Info

Due to Major Steel Price Increases

Call for Current Pricing


Medium Patio 36"

Medium Patio 36" With Side Burner


*** Large Patio Model 4226 ***

Above: Large Model 4226 with side burner

Shown with optional Half Top Cooking Grate

            When you need plenty of cooking space the Large will do the job.  This grill is great for people who love entertain large groups of family or friends.  The large comes with or without single side burner for frying fish, cooking potatoes etc.

Large Patio Grill Specifications 

Temperature Range 250 Degrees to 550 Degrees

Holds up to a 70lb. pig or 10 whole chickens


Large Patio Pricing Info:

Due to Major Steel Price Increases

Call for Current Pricing


Large Patio 42" 

Large Patio 42" With Side Burner



  Proudly Made In The USA