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BQ Grills

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Recap Of Some Of This Years Cook-Offs

First of all I would like to apologize for being very lazy about posting news here

this whole yearA lot of  things have happened. So let me get started. 

Big "Congratulations" to Fred Woodard.

He took home 3 - 1st place finishes for 2010.


Ninth Annual Roanoke-Chowan Pork Fest

Murfreesboro, NC    May 15th 2010

 1st Place Fred Woodard




Blues, Brews & Ques  Festival

Durham, NC     June 5th 2010


1st Place Fred Woodard

2nd Place Mark Johnson

4th Place Greg Stallings

Donna & Her Sidekick Fred   8)


 Owner and Operator Of Hog Heaven BBQ  Durham, NC

Mark Johnson & Family


Greg Stallings




Smoke On The Water

Washington, NC     Oct 2010


1st Place Fred Woodard

2nd Place Arthur Williams

4th Place Greg Stallings




Arthur Williams & Fred Woodard



Mayberry Days Festival

State Championship Cook-OFF

Mount Airy, NC    Sept. 2010


1st Place Carla Sweet

2nd Place Danny Blackmon


Crispiest Skin Award Raymond Miles



Carla Sweet                       Raymond Miles


Raymond Miles with his Extra Crispy Skin Pig


Danny Blackmon


Seaboard Lions Club BBQ Cook-Off

Seaboard, NC   Sept. 18th 2010


1st Place Tommy Turner

2nd Place Fred Woodard

3rd Place Greg Stallings







Littleton-Lake Gaston Festival

Littleton, NC     Sept. 4th 2010


1st Place David Burke

(Best Pig I have ever seen David cook)


2nd Place Greg Stallings







See ya Next Year.