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BQ Grills

6043 Hwy 301N

Elm City, NC 27822

Newport Pig Cooking Contest 2009

Considered The Largest

Whole Hog Cook-Off In The US

81 Cooking Teams


This Years Winner is our own Greg Stallings

Congratulations Greg





2009 Winning Cooks:
10th Place to 1st Place Winners,

Charles Chestnut, Michael Harris, Chris Howard, Timmy Mills,

Earl Fowler, Danny Blackmon, Mayor Darryl Garner and Jim Bristle,

 Jim McCoy, Don Taylor, Betty Blackmon, and
Greg Stallings as the 2009 Newport Pig Cookin' Champ!


Pictured Above: Mark Johnson, Don Taylor, Bubby Moore,

Greg Stallings, Charles Chestnut


Above: Mark & Buddy helped Charles cook at Newport. Finished 10th


Above: Don Taylor Third Place Finish


Congratulations Guys