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(VDS Models) Vertical Direct Smokers


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BQ Grills Insulated BBQ Smokers

Above: Custom Automotive Red Finish with Clear Coat.

Insulated Vertical Smokers  Insulated Vertical Smokers

Large Insulated Vertical Smoker     Large Vertical Insulated Smoker

Above & Below: Large Model VDS 4840

Large Insulated Smoker

BQ Grills Insulated Vertical Smokers   BQ Grills Insulated Vertical Smokers

Above Left: John Sentilles     Above Right: David Edwards

BQ Grills Insulted Smokers

Above And Below VDS 4828 Added to

George Leeche's Cook Trailer

Insulated Smkers By BQ Grills

Insulated Smokers By BQ Grills

Above: Chris & Drew Starlings

Insulated Smokers By BQ Grills   Insulated Smokers By BQ Grills

Above Left: Bobby Owens     Above Right: Bobby Schlegel

  Proudly Made In The USA