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(VGS)Vertical Gravity Smokers

 BQ Smokers VGS Models are built heavy duty with 14g inner and outer walls. All joints are solid welded to prevent rust out areas that you see with other brands that use a lapping method with thinner gauge materials and pop rivets or screws. We use a 2" thick 1400 degree insulation. These units are indirectly feed via a chute on the rear side of the unit. The chute is 1/4" thick plate material tapered both ways and is also fully insulated. This gives an average burn time of 1/2 - 1 hour per pound of charcoals depending on cooking temperatures desired. The bottom of the unit is tappered to a 2" drain valve for easy cleaning. Custom trailers are available for these units.

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Vertical Gravity Chute Smokers

Gravity Feed Indirect Smokers


Vertical gravity chute feed smokers


Gravity Chute     Gravity Chute



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