Custom Built For Mike Scott

Elm City, NC                  Several Years Ago

Mike Scott is a good friend that lives right around the corner from us. He loves to cook his pigs with wood. Several years back Mike asked me to design him a pit that would cook like they used to do on the farm using concrete blocks and tin roofing metal to build a make shift barbeque pit above ground.  Having seen this done myself many years back I already had a good notion of how to get started. Mike describe it in detail what he had in mine and wala here it is. During the cool seasons Mike puts it to work. We visited him and took a few pictures of one he did last year 2012. As always Mike makes some great barbeque and we greatly appreciate the many times he has gone out of his way to bring us some.

Mike Scott

Wood Fired Pig CookerWood Fired BBQ Pit

Wood Fired BBQ Pit

Wood Fired BBQ Pit

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